Russia is in transition to a market economy and rapidly creates the securities market. In this market the trading of stocks and bonds of Russian companies allows to attract additional funds for their development, strengthening the economy. Moreover, even the ordinary people, the crucial question of investing money can also consider the purchase of shares and bonds for part of the savings were increased along with the growth of securities of successfully developing enterprises. However, there is also the risk that the stock of any hotels or company were revalued to market and subsequently will fall in price, or the enterprise itself is poorly developed that will lead to the same result with the price level of its shares. These risks should reduce the completeness of information about the state of Affairs at the enterprise. That s why there are stock exchange, where trading is performed as securities, so go and apartments for rent in Novosibirsk of the where condition for the admission of shares to trading on the stock exchange, is the disclosure by the company of its financial-economic situation.
The exchange mechanism has become a tool of mobilization of money capital not only for long term investments, but also short-term loans. Exchange dealers were used to purchase securities of not only their own money, but the loan money borrowed from the banks. Gambling is quite tempting. Buying securities apartments with low and selling at a higher rate, you can get a big stock-market profits. As an organiser of the securities market, stock exchange, originally dedicated solely to creating the necessary conditions for effective trade, but as the market develops its task is not so much the trade organization, as its maintenance. The exchange creates a clear organizational structure, a clear mechanism of concluding and executing transactions with exchange values and highly reliable system of control over execution. To trading on the stock exchange are admitted only proven securities that have passed strict selection of its reliability and solvency.
The aim of this paper is an attempt to review and analyse the operation of the stock exchange, to understand its structure and how it exists, what you need to securities fell to the exchange, how is the trade of securities, the stock exchange generates its revenue based on provided by photo of Novosibirsk tell about the securities market and possible transactions with them. Also a separate Chapter tells about the features of formation and functioning of the stock market in Russia. Figures on the volume of sales on the stock exchange of the Moscow interbank currency exchange and the Stock exchange Saint-Petersburg, to get an idea about the market state securities in the Russian Federation.
risks on the securities market and the ways of their insurance.
The concept ... the Risk is objective uncertainty of the future, considering the viewpoint of possible financial loss to a market participant (the subject of this future).IN the quantitative aspects of risk is a subjective estimate of possible losses from a particular market participant in the future. Subjectivity risk assessment stems from:
.subjectivity of the appraiser. Risk assessment can do as the subject of risk and other market participants, in particular, professional organizations that specialize in these estimates. An example of such professional assessment is the rating of the securities.
- subjectivity risk assessment techniques. Quantitative evaluation methods web site development are in constant development and improvement. They are based on the achievement of economic science and mathematical knowledge. But the subjective side is that, first, these methods are always a product of the man himself; secondly, they only reflect the level of knowledge achieved by the given moment of time; third, the truth (method, model, formula, and the like)are always relative and partial; -unreality (absence) of the future. At the time of risk assessment the future is not yet. It is not known to be problematic and probability. It is impossible to reliably estimate what yet. No the highest probability is not guaranteed for the future. Quality apartment Novosibirsk without borders improvement of quantitative methods. At first glance it seems that the improvement of risk assessment method allows all of them to more accurately predict, forecast. In fact it is necessary to distinguish between the following aspects of improving forecasting risk:
-improvement of the method as a method of the forecast, for example market prices; -improvement of the method as an extension of the sphere (borders) of its application, for example ,not only to predict, but also for risk management, or distribute it to new market objects for which it was not originally intended; - improvement of the method as increasing the degree (level) of approximation to the actual future. Obviously, if used imperfect risk assessment methods, the results can be disappointing. The task of real estate agencies in Novosibirsk is that at every moment of time at the disposal of interested market participants, we would have the most advanced means of calculation of possible risks. By itself, this process of improving scientific methods are endless, but for the moment, he is determined the achieved knowledge in the economic essence of the market of the object and the level of development of the respective other Sciences, for example mathematician, the bad, when market participants use unsuitable methods of risk assessment, as it is, suppose that we can conclude, based on their application in practice. But it should be remembered that, perhaps more advanced methodology in some specific cases, science still can not offer.